What We Do

How We Recruit at Alpha Advisors

Alpha Advisors is a research driven search firm. We approach every search with a fresh perspective, while always leveraging our years of experience and deep network of contacts. We do original research and leave no stone unturned in our pursuit to find the perfect candidate for our clients.

The confluence of financial services and technology has emerged as one of the biggest developments in business in modern times. The ability to work in and move from one of these industries to the other and back has never been more pronounced. We at Alpha Advisors live at the intersection of these two worlds. We have spent years identifying and developing relationships with senior talent both in technology and financial services companies and have helped clients in both of these industries find the best talent available. Whether it is a proprietary trading firm looking for a senior Quantitative Researcher with deep machine learning skills or a global bank looking for a CTO with extensive payments experience, we are able to quickly show our clients a list of qualified, interested candidates that they will want to hire.

We serve a wide range of clients in the financial services industry, from global/specialist asset management firms to hedge funds.

We have served large public companies to venture backed start-ups providing hardware, software, services and mobile development solutions.

This practice serves vendors to the financial services industry, specifically, providers of consulting services, data and technology-based solutions.

The demand for Big Data talent is growing. We help companies unlock and harness the massive opportunities that Big Data presents.